New GT5 Trailer Hits Net (Update)

Shaky but awesome.

A new trailer from GDC 2010 for Gran Turismo 5 has hit the net tonight. To be honest we were in two minds whether to post it or not due to the quality of the video, however even with this shaky footage it has to be said that it still looks pretty amazing.

As we all know, Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed more than we care to remember, however by the looks of this new footage it is going to be more than worth the wait. Let’s just hope we will get to try it out for ourselves soon.


It has been revealed that this new GT5 trailer will appear as part of three hours of extra video footage which is crammed onto the upcoming God of War III disc. The content will include a look at Sony’s upcoming games such as Modnation Racers, GT5 and more. Even more reason to buy the Epic God of War III then.


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