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PS3 3D Firmware: June 10th?

3 months to get yourself a 3D TV.

It might well be a mistranslation, but it appears that Japanese site AV Watch are saying that the Firmware Update that will enable PS3’s to run 3D gaming will land on the 10th of June.

また、「6月10日のLX900発売に合わせて、PlayStation 3をアップデートし、3D立体視ゲームタイトルも投入する」という。

The update, which we’re assuming will coincide with the launch of the LX900 television, will also unlock 3D Blu-ray movie viewing.  You’ll need a compatible set (and those glasses) to see the 3D, though.

If anyone can confirm or dismiss the translation, please let us know in the comments.


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