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Review: NormalTanks

It's a mini tank adventure.

The minis service for PSP and PS3 really seems to be serving up some brilliant games of late and now, another has arrived and in the shape NormalTanks from Beatshapers. It’s probably one of the best looking games on the service yet, showing that even with minimal memory a developer can do wonders.

NormalTanks takes a top down perspective as you drive along in your tank blowing up anything which gets in your way. The game includes eight levels for you to get through and thirty enemy types which includes tanks, robots, missile launchers and of course a rather tough end of level boss.

The game is very fast paced, therefore enemies come at you at a fast pace, causing you to maneuver in various directions to avoid their fire. You control the direction of your tank using the D-pad on the PSP/Dualshock and your turret direction is assigned to the face buttons, this obviously causes problems when trying to fire at an angle, thankfully though the analogue nub can be used for auto aim which near enough eliminates this problem, although it is still a bit fiddly. Other controls in the game include the right shoulder button which is used to fire and also the left shoulder button which is used to switch between weapons.

As you play through each level killing the enemy you will come across power up’s, these range in their use, from giving you more life, to upgrading your tanks abilities, giving you new armour and better weapons, such as canons, machine guns etc. Obviously picking up these power ups is well worth your time and will certainly help you get through the levels a lot easier.

There are some twists to the game as in later levels you can actually be transformed into a large robot to help you destroy everything in your path or even a tiny bot, which makes you a lot more stealthy and allows you to deactivate energy shields.

Finally the game includes three levels of difficulty for you to play through, although these do not change the levels in anyway, what they do is take away some of your lives and health bar, therefore playing on the hardest difficulty is really challenging.


  • Looks Wonderful
  • Fun and Challenging
  • Quite Addictive


  • Controls are fiddly

NormalTanks is a really fun game to play and seems to be the perfect for minis. It is one of the best looking games I have seen on the service yet and for the price is well worth a look. Why not give it a go?



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