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Review: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

Fighting fit.

Fighting games: you either love them or loathe them. Personally I fall into the latter category, though not because I have some type of deep-routed hate for these titles, no, it’s just that every time I play I usually get my arse handed to me on a plate which means I’ve given up after about five minutes.

Regardless, there have been some classic fighters over the years: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken being a few that spring to mind. The main problem that me and most other people had with these titles was mastering the controls, and when you finally did learn a move you could show off it was usually too late as before you knew it your character was already lying on the ground knocked out.

But, here we are, the year is 2010 and whilst we’re still being deluged by the hardcore brawlers, where is the title all of us amateurs crave, the fighter which isn’t complicated to learn and at the same time isn’t a poor excuse for a game? Well, you will be pleased to know it’s finally here and its name is BlazBlue Calamity Trigger.

BlazBlue is the fighter all of us novices have been waiting for – a chance to get revenge for all those years of beatings, and it’s like going to the gym for a day and coming back with a six-pack. Oh yeah, Street Fighter fans, we are coming to get you. I can say with confidence that BlazBlue really is the most fun 2D fighter that I have ever played and in fact is probably one of the best looking too.

Anyone who has ever played a fighter should know the drill, you basically choose your character and then go up against your opponent one on one in a 2D world. All of the action is fast paced, taking place on the ground and in the air, and whilst generally the fight is over in a flash it’s such a great experience that you will find yourself fighting again and again. The main bonus to the fights in Blazblue is that you don’t need to learn about fifteen different button combinations to pull off a move,  instead it has all been simplified, meaning that even the most casual player should be able to pick it up and play without too much bother.

That’s not to say that the fighting is all kicks and punches, the combat system does have more to it with special moves for each character and advanced techniques which allow you to defend your character, use super and astral finisher attacks and also cancel any attack you are pulling off mid-flow. All of the special and defence moves are governed by your heat gauge, therefore you need to meet the requirements in order to pull these off.

Any casual player can pull off a special move without any hassle at all, in fact one of them is assigned to just one button, allowing you to at least master that move even if you don’t end up figuring out the others.  That said, they’re hardly complicated to learn when compared to rivals such as the games mentioned above.

No fighter would be complete without characters and BlazBlue has some of the best that I have ever seen. There is a fantastic cast here from Ragna, Jin and Noel to characters such as Bang and Rachel, each are wonderfully fun to play and equally diverse in their fighting style and looks. Each of the characters has unique perks, that if taken time to master make this title even more fun to play, so it’s certainly a game with more depth than first impressions may give.

Blazblue includes plenty of modes for you to play through, these include the standard Versus Mode where you fight your way to the top of the tree against various opponents, with each one getting more difficult as you progress. There is also a Score Attack mode, Training Mode and a Replay Theatre.  Furthermore, the game also includes a Story Mode, which allows you to play through the background story of each character, fighting in the usual way as you go. This mode offers a great way to get to know the fighting style and background of your chosen character.

Finally, the game also includes a fantastic multiplayer mode, obviously you can fight one on one offline which is great fun, but taking it online is the next level in trying to prove yourself as a capable fighter. There is also the addition of being able to save the replays of your online fights, meaning that you can watch them back and see where you went wrong.

Graphically BlazBlue is a stunning example of how a fighter should look, it’s so polished, runs smoothly and also looks fantastic in each and every arena you play in. The level of colour and detail on offer is there for all to see, making this one of the best looking fighting games around.


  • Accessible for beginners
  • Looks fantastic
  • Great online mode
  • Ability to watch replays


  • May not appeal to hardcore fighters
  • Story mode can get confusing and is a bit long drawn out

BlazBlue is a wonderfully presented game which should appeal to the more casual audience thanks to its easy and accessible control system. It also looks absolutely fantastic and is a blast to play. If you’re after a 2D fighter then you will certainly not go wrong with this one. Outstanding stuff.

Score: 9/10

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