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Rumour: New “Tales” Game For PS3

Can we just safely assume that anything posted from now until E3 will be prefixed by the word ‘rumour’? It would certainly make my job much easier. Nevertheless it’s time for yet another totally unconfirmed but possibly true item of news. Salt shakers on standby.

Allegedly a new ‘Tales’ game is the works and will be a PS3 exclusive.

The last game ‘Tales Of Vesperia” was XBox exclusive for a while before it jumped ship to PS3 in Japan and landed with some added extras such as a new character Patty Fleur. The PS3 version of the game has so far only been released in Japan but recently a German retailed listed a January 2011 release; however Namco Bandai have yet to confirm this.

A 2011 release would mark the 15th anniversary of the original Tales of Phantasia on the SNES so it’s possible the new game is a remake of that title.

Source: PlatformNation