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Eufloria Coming To PSN

Bio-mechnanical plant game arriving 2011.

Take Flower, mix in some Pixel Junk Eden, a dash of Asteroids, a pinch of resource management and liberally sprinkle with some ambient musical noodlings from The Orb, and you’d have a mess; but it’s about as close as I can come to describe Eufloria.

It’s an ‘ambient space exploration game’ that utilises ‘plant growth’ and ‘bio-mechanical evolution’ in which you conquer asteroids and use their resources to grow animals and plants to control. Still not making much sense is it? The game is already available on XBox 360 but the PS3 version will come with additional noodlings to make it more, um, eufloric, when it arrives in early 2011. Rudolf Kremers, designer of Eufloria, says:

“During original development we had many really nice ideas that could not be implemented due to scope considerations. Core development was down to only 2 people after all. This PSN release gives us a marvellous opportunity to put several of them into the game after all, which is very exciting to us.”

Improvements and additions to the game will cover a wide spectrum. They cover visuals, play mechanics and new content. Additionally, Brian Grainger (Milieu) will continue his excellent musical contribution to the game and provide new unique tracks for the Eufloria soundtrack. Considering the various improvements it may be more accurate to describe the PSN release as “Eufloria ++”.

Source: Press Release


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