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Be The Stig: GT5’s Top Gear Test Track

Gran Turismo 5, we’re told, aims to set new standards in terms of graphics, presentation, and gameplay.  Featuring more than 1,000 licensed cars and more than 20 tracks, GT5 is going to be utterly epic.

We’ve seen some ridiculous screenshots today (your rear lights actually change the colour of the smoke on the rally courses, for example) but nothing more interesting than these four official shots of the Top Gear Test Track.

Modeled to perfection, this will be your chance to challenge The Stig’s best times on what appears to be an exact replica of the famous BBC circuit, and will allow 16 player online racing around the course, totally changing the dynamic.

It’s going to be worth the wait, this.  Face tracking via the PlayStation Eye, a completely rewritten physics engine, real time visual deformation, dirt, performance damage and that unbeatable roster of motor vehicles.

Roll on November.


  1. Incredible. bring on november.

  2. …aaaand across the line!

    I can’t wait for GT5 and the addition of this track isn’t making the wait any easier.

  3. :O

    Yes yes yes!
    If they dont have the Suzuki Liana however, I’ll be massively disappointed. Still, to be able to know what Gambon is like to drive around, awesome.

    • No, it’s all about the hammerhead. And I’m sure they’ll have the Liana. They wouldn’t include the Stig and then not include the Liana.

      • The Liana was the old one though (pre 2005). I hope they have all of them, the Liana, the Lacetti and whatever ends up being the new reasonably priced car for 2010.

      • the chevrolet lactetti is the reasonable priced car, gonna be awesome

  4. i still dont understand face tracking. does it work for normal TVs or do you need some sort of special one. Otherwise how can you turn your head and see the rest of the car when you wont even be looking at the screen anymore?

    • You can turn your head to the side and keep your eyes on the screen. Can’t you?

      • i didnt think of that. its not gonna work very well if you dont have a head though is it? :)

      • Oh yeah, good point, didn’t think about that.

      • perhaps it will be leaning your head to the side. that way you can still see ;)

      • It’s gonna be awkward to turn you head and keep you eyes on the screen, why turn my head in the first place?

  5. I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was that interested in GT5 (simply cause I’m not usually that interested in racing games). Dunno why, but this has just sold it to me =] – well, this and everything else GT5 related today and yesterday.

  6. O M G
    That look incredible, I can’t wait to get on that with a Lacetti (Or the Chevy Cruze which is rumoured to be the new reasonably priced car).

  7. Wow those screenshots look incredible, the level of detail and realism is stunning, and the idea of racing the Stig’s times is genius – I would love this to get a feature on the actual Top Gear too (although I suspect the BBC can’t promote a single console or game). I’m not a massive fan of racing simulators but this just seems like a game you have to have in your collection regardless!

    To be fair to them it may have been delayed a lot but they have sure added a hell of a lot of features – anyone else would have just released it years ago and released GT6 with the new bits this year!

    • The BBC advertise films etc on the breakfast news most days, and besides it wouldn’t be the first time that the Top Gear team (in particular Jeremy Clarkson!) had done something that the BBC wouldn’t approve of :D

    • They played GT4 once… tried to see if Clarkson could get the same on track as on the PS2, Maybe they’ll get the Stig to do it on GT5?

      Al the fun you could have with Top Gear and GT

      • That ep was awesome.

      • they are bound to! they mention GT a lot on the show


        I’m thinking with their track in the game there’s a really good chance we’ll see something GT5 related on Top Gear.

      • Yeah I remember that one, Clarkson was racing at Laguna Seca and the corkscrew found him out every time lol.

  8. Holy macaroni, this is going to be EPIC!

    They wouldn’t dare delay again would they?

    • It’s never been delayed. November the 2nd is the first release date we’ve ever had for it.

    • Sorry to say “delay again” is wrong because it never had a date to be delayed! So i will rephrase, they wouldn’t dare delay it would they?

  9. Love it that they have the Jumbo in there too.

    What would be awesome is if the licences used the top gear test track.
    One of which could be stopping distance… like in GT4, but instead of cones, it’s just the stig at hte end with his arms crossed like usual.

    • Also 16 people racing around the Top Gear Track would be Epic…

      Just thought of a new forum thread…

      • 16 people around the Top Gear Track would indeed be awesome, maybe it can be used for a TSA competition?

  10. Top Gear need to publish their leaderboards for both Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and Stig’s lap times in various cars when this is released, so we can all try to beat them.

    Unless, of course, it’s integrated into the online modes! How epic would THAT be!

    • Oh yes, beating the Stig’s laptimes would be great but even sweeter, beating Jay Kay’s time….I think he was the leader.

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