Rumour: Halo HD for 2011?

Brought to us via the power of Kovac’s amazing translation skills (or Google Translate), 4News is reporting that a source close to Microsoft Game Studios has been talking to them about a Halo HD release next year.  Please bear in mind it is a translation, so some of the text sounds a bit Yoda-like:

“As we are told by a source close to Microsoft Game Studios, the software house would already preparing Industries 343 Halo 4, the fourth chapter of the Halo series. To ease the wait, which separates the output of the title not expected before the year 2012, it seems that developers are considering the idea of reproducing the first chapters using the graphics engine of the recent Halo: Reach, bequeathed by Bungie team.

This would be a clever move: to exploit the franchise created years ago and still difficult to counter.

It starts immediately with the high definition version of Halo Combat Evolved, which are said could come out even to the end of March 2011. But not everything is decided. Much would depend both on the willingness of 343 Industries to compete immediately with the largest user of Xbox Live without waiting for the fourth chapter.

And according to the source, Microsoft would have asked for this to Epic Games to postpone the release of Gears of War 3, taking the time to improve and raffianare their title, and allow greater visibility to the adventure of Master Chief.”

It is a plausible idea, bearing in mind the overwhelmingly positive response to the ICO/SotC HD collection, as well as Prince of Persia.  The thought that it is the reason behind Gears of War 3’s delay is bound to upset fans of that franchise though.  We shall send an agent in undercover to try and get an official comment.

Source: 4News


  1. ‘bequeathed’ lol, sounds like Bungie is dead to Microsoft…

  2. Wonder when they’ll do a HD version of Halo 2, 3 & ODST


    • Oh boy! Mr that was super terrific

    • lol…wait, did you just say zing?

    • oooohh gonna need some ointmnet for that third-degree burn!

    • What?halo3 and halo odst are in HD.

      • Nope, they’re either 600p or 640p can’t remember which, Halo reach is HD though

    • I wouldn’t have thought that a word like ‘zing’ would mean anything to ‘an old fuddy duddy’ like you ;-)

  3. This seems very sensible and pretty likely – although my favourite part of the article is that Google translate knows the word “bequeathed”.

  4. Wonder where they got that idea :)

  5. A dead cow’s milk tastes sour.

  6. “Yoda-like”, sums up translated speech perfectly :’)

  7. Sorry, what does raffianare mean? Is it a technical term? Refine???

    • That’s everyones homework for tonight. 400 words, single spaced.

      • Who wants to be a raffianare!?

    • He was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle along with Donatellair, Leonardare and Michaelangalere

  8. I hope they do this. I never played Halo 1 or 2 and i still have Reach sitting on my shelf waiting to be played. I enjoyed Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST but i have no interest in the multiplayer portion of Halo and really want to play Halo 1 and 2 before playing Reach.

    • Why?Halo reach is where it al begins.

      • Reach would be much better if you played Halo:CE first.

  9. i hope that is not the height of originality of bungie-absent halo franchise

  10. HD remade … new fantastic idea!

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