Modern Combat: Domination Launching Next Week

It's cheap too.

Gameloft isn’t a name which resonates with console gamers, and rightfully so. Despite releasing titles such as Prince of Persia Classic and Earthworm Jim on PSN and XBLA, the French publisher/developer is best known for their gallery of games available for iOS (Assassin’s Creed, N.O.V.A.)

Therefore it may come as a surprise to some that Gameloft are creating an instalment of their Modern Combat series to compete with the likes of Bad Company and Call of Duty, exclusively for the PlayStation Network. Domination launches as part of next week’s PSN store update and Gameloft are inviting you to “rediscover what made online shooters such a blast.”

Here is what the game has to offer:

  • Six different online game modes
  • Matches hosting up to 16 players
  • Thirteen available weapons
  • Five individual Maps
  • Full PlayStation Move Support
  • “Genuine tactics and training”
  • 72 attainable ranks

Though it may sound no different to what is already out there, Modern Combat: Domination is launching for a very moderate price of $8, with there also being prospects of a playable demo and PlayStation Plus discount. Could this pint-size pretender to the Call of Duty throne be a sleeper arcade hit or will it fail to live up to the high expectation Gameloft have granted it?

We’ll find out next week.

Source: Press Release


  1. $8. Worth a shot. Any idea on a UK PSN date?

  2. It would be so much better if “Gameloft” went for a more original setting than a effing modern Earth.. why not rip-off Unreal Tournament or even Warhawk?

  3. Those Iron Sights look HUGE!!! Will have to keep an eye on this. Hopefully there’s a trial.

  4. why the hell does this remind me of Counter Strike….

    • Cos… Gameloft take other ideas from games and makes it for teh casual audience

  5. This looks pretty good, should be a good laugh – can’t wait for it to hit the UK PSN store.

  6. hahah sounds like killzone with the head shot effects, looks like COD but plays like a wii shooter with steel inbetween it’s legs and shotgun to blast with. hmmm sounds like dominaaaaatiioooooon!!

  7. I can’t believe they went for a such a painfully derivitive name though. Modern combat? Domination? Surely a bit of originality in the name would have avoided the inevitable derisory glances from COD fans

  8. I can play this without the move right?

  9. I have been foolish enough to buy 2 PSN shooters already because they were fun, only to find noone plays them.

    • Yes but this time it’s a great price and if you are a psn + member you can get it even cheaper so this will be a buy from me :)….if the demo is good of course.

  10. Just me that think Sony should start doing adverts on psn? Like you get a psn message from sony every week with what games that have come out. So that casuals no whats coming. Japan have it so why can’t we have it?

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