Fight Night Champion Demo Coming

We’ve just gotten word that Fight Night Champion is getting a demo, and it’s coming very soon. How soon?  How does February 2 sound?  It comes exactly one month before its launch date of March 2 and both consoles will be getting the demo, but we’re not yet sure what to expect from it.  It’ll be interesting to see if they include any of the content in the demo that makes this title the first PEGI 16/M-Rated game in the series.

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  1. Cool, will give this a blast

  2. Looking forward to this, hopefully the issues from FNR4 will be long gone and I can bang my pre-order in right away after playing.

  3. nice.cant wait to knock someone out.this and killzone3 demo will make that week awesomner. (just made that word up) ;P

  4. Excellent , i wonder does it have Move support ? If so i will at last be able to beat someone to a pulp with one hand behind my back as i have only one controller ..

    • I think I remember hearing that it was not going to have Move support.

      • EA have said that gamers aren’t fit enough if they were to implement it fully

  5. If this had Move support I can see someone suing as their nearest and dearest dying of a coronary.

    I wonder what percentage of gamers has boxed a 3 minute round?

    • I have boxed 3 3-minute rounds and as the guy wasn’t blocking i just went a just threw punch after punch. Seriously knackering and wish i took it slower.

  6. All i can say is “BRING BACK GET IN THE RING MODE” and i might consider buying it 2nd hand. It was the best thing about the game, during its brief appearance on FNR3.

  7. Hmm, can’t wait to look at the nice graphics, plus i’ll save it till i get my 1080p monitor! :P

  8. It’s 2nd February tomora!!

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