Ubisoft Hint At Kinect Assassin’s Creed

All major IPs to be Kinect'ed.

Ubisoft have strongly hinted that they may have Kinect versions of their major franchises in production. Chief marketing and sales officer, Geoffrey Sardin has been speaking to MCV and said,

“We will be bringing some of the industry’s most innovative offerings to Kinect soon. I think we can propose Kinect versions of all the brands that we’ve got, but it is down to the production team. I can’t announce anything, but we will have something for everyone, that I can assure you.”

The most obvious titles for Kinect conversion would be the Wii smash hit, Just Dance, but what of the other IPs? How could Kinect Assassin’s Creed work? If you scratch your head you could accidently knife a courtesan in the face. We may also see Kinect Prince of Persia in which you have to wall run around your lounge to play the game.

Or not.

Source: MCV


  1. Could be fun. I just want some more kinect titles to be announced, roll on E3

  2. oh god… I can’t even seee how something like Assassins Creed/PoP would work without buttons…

  3. I’m watching with interest the new line of Kinect games, now the obligatory casual games have appeared and developers are getting more familiar with the tech.

  4. AC would not work on Kinect. The game is far to complicated in its execution, not to mention its mainly about movement, can’t see that being very attractive if the game is doing all the moving for you as we have seen in most Kinect games up until now. I if they can make a racing game where you don’t accelerate or decelerate yourself, then anything is possible I suppose.

  5. Sounds intriguing.. i also read somewhere that there’s a kinect halo website registered by microsoft..

  6. Argh. More grown ups to be seen gesticulating wildly in their living rooms.

    On the entertainment spectrum, mime artists sit just under ventriloquism. Feel good about yourself, Kinect users?

  7. Misleading headline? They didn’t mention Assassin’s Creed.

    • Sorry if that sounded a bit snotty. But constructive criticism and all that…

      • P.S. didn’t take it as snotty, the readership keeping us in check is an important part of our attempt to keep standards high :)

      • They’re also hinting at Kinect HAWX, Kinect RUSE, Kinect Ghost Recon, Kinect Just Dance, Kinect Il – 2 Stormovik, Kinect Driver, Kinect CSI, Kinect Pure Football, Kinect Prince Of Persia, Kinect Avatar and Kinect Call Of Juaverez – take your pick from “all the brands that we’ve got”. I just chose the biggest one (size queen)

    • I pondered it but decided that since the quote included inference that all existing brands could/would be jacked up for Kinect, and AC is Ubi’s most prominent and notable brand, it was factually accurate. Certainly it seems inconceivable that he wasn’t including AC when talking about “all the brands that we’ve got”.

  8. Ugh, unnecessary Kinect support just to make a few extra bucks, although Just Dance would be the exception.

  9. AC has one of the most intuitive control systems of any game ever, why would you ruin it with kinect, unless you only used it for the animus menu screens this would be terrible

    • If the do omement it, it would need to only be for small things such as pick pocketing and everything..
      There is almost no way they could base a full game of Assassin’s creed around Kinect, at least I can’t see how :P

  10. Also, Assassin’s Creed is a multiplatform title. Making it rely heavily on Kinect would make it hard/impossible to port.

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