Crysis Coming To PS3/360 Next Month

I’ve never played Crysis – my phone is more powerful than my PC – but I’ve heard it’s rather processor intensive, with some lovely graphics even if some say the gameplay doesn’t really match.

Well, looks like I’ll finally get chance, given the surprise announcement that the game is not only coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it’s coming in October!


New effects and better lightining, apparently. Presumably this is based on the same engine as the recent Crysis 2 console versions, and as such was a fairly speed turnaround.

Still, great news.



  1. Maximum surprise!

  2. wow wasn’t expecting that.

    • I was.. I don’t know why, but I always thought it would. Surprised by how soon it is though.
      Think jungle looks better than city, imo. Still skeptical of a game that gets pretty much all it’s praise from graphics. It’s really all about the gameplay to me..

  3. Didn’t enjoy Crysis 2, so not gonna rush out for this one.

    • Seriously you have to rush out for it.
      Crysis 2 pales in comparison.
      The first one was amazing. Give it a try, and if you don’t like it… On my head be it

      • Same as, bought crysis 2 on release day… played it for about 20 minutes…. and never touched it again lol

      • I bought Crisis from Steam after I got my new PC and it was on sale. I played it for 30 minutes and got bored. It may look nice but gameplay wise it bored me.

  4. !! Well worth checking out, I bet !!

  5. Maximum hmmmmmmm. Looks okay.

  6. I never got to play the original so that’s great news!

  7. Looks better than I was expecting!

  8. I’ll be trying this out, I thought number 2 was pretty rubbish in all honesty but I’ve heard it’s not a patch on the original.

  9. Great for anyone who’s yet to play it, it’s much better than the dross that was the Crysis 2.

    Warhead’s the best in the series however!

    • Agreed hopefully we get Warhead on the PS3 eventually. Psycho was a pretty cool character, really didn’t like how Crysis 2 completely ignored the events of the first. Will definitely get this when I have the cash free, much better than the second in my opinion.

  10. Crysis is so much better than Crysis 2. I have yet to finish Crysis 2, but I can guarantee I’d complete Crysis again if I get it.

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