Crysis Review (PS3/360)

I feel that I am in quite a unique position when it comes to First Person Shooter, Crysis; not having a clue what the game is about, bar it featuring the now famous Nanosuit. That’s not to say I don’t understand what the game represents though, as when the original launched on PC back in 2007 it made tech-heads squeal and computers cry; it was an absolute beast of a game, and one that few got to see running at maximum settings.

[boxout]However, now that Crysis has made the jump to consoles it’ll be up to the gameplay to step into the fray and make up for any graphical shortcomings that might be on display. Is it up to the task?

Crysis takes place in 2019, where a team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea. All contact with the team is lost when the North Korean Government quickly seals off the area. The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of Delta Force Operators to recon the situation. Your character, called Nomad, makes up part of this elite team, and as such has access to a very cool piece of kit: the Nanosuit.


Not only does this Nanosuit make Nomad look rather dashing, it also grants him the use of several abilities, albeit only in short bursts, and one at a time. You can activate a cloak, which makes you almost invisible; you can run at terrific speeds if the need arises; you can leap tall buildings in a single bound (not really, but it’s pretty close); you can activate a strength punch and, last but not least, you can switch on an additional layer of armour.

[drop2]These abilities complement the mission layout in Crysis, as for most of the game you are presented with an objective but left to decide just how you reach it. You can activate armour and go in head-on, all guns blazing, or you could make use of the stealth ability and sneak up through the river, use the strength jump to leap up the cliff face and launch an assault from behind. Be warned though, your cloak deactivates the second you fire your weapon! The control scheme is handled very well and the transition to pad has been a smooth one, with all abilities handily placed.

It’s an interesting approach, and those who dislike linear, corridor based shooters will enjoy how Crysis deals with primary and secondary objectives. There are also a handful of vehicles scattered about, from armoured jeeps to tanks, giving you yet more ways to complete a task. Saying that, the game almost forces you to use stealth as, despite the fancy suit, you’re actually pretty weak.

Health regenerates, but Nomad can’t take too many hits before joining the big party in the sky. Some of the North Korean enemies, however, are total bullet sponges despite the fact they don’t seem to be wearing any armour at all. Some crumpled in one shot yet others just would not go down. One took a clear shot to the leg from a shotgun yet carried on regardless. I didn’t realise you could walk off a shotgun wound.

It’s inconsistencies like this that start to grate during the six to eight hour campaign. Enemies can’t hear you tramping through the undergrowth right next to them, yet I’ve been spotted when hiding behind a big rock 200 metres away. They also have magic rifles that seem to be able to hit you, no matter how far away you are.

The gunplay also feels a bit weak, with weapons lacking the punch we have grown accustomed to in games such as Killzone 3. Your initial gun feels, and sounds, like a peashooter.

This is a minor inconvenience though, when compared to Crysis’ biggest issue: the first half of the game just isn’t that interesting. It’s a horrible thing to say, but the only thing that kept me going at first was the fact I was doing it for review. The story isn’t particularly compelling, the characters aren’t engaging and the gunplay just feels a bit lacklustre. Luckily, things do eventually pick up but even then you never really feel like you move out of second gear.

[drop] Graphically, Crysis will simultaneously thrill and disappoint. Some of the scenery looks positively stunning; to the point where I stopped dead in the middle of a tank battle just to gawp in wonder. Viewed from a distance the greenery looks lush, and the ocean sky blue and inviting, with beautiful sandy beaches. Good job, CryENGINE 3.

It’s up close where things fall apart somewhat. Suddenly those trees look a bit flat and blocky, with objects further ahead of you popping into view as you get closer to them. NPCs seem to lack detail, especially in terms of facial expression, and the smashed windscreen effects on the vehicles are just plain bad. I’ve also come across a few glitches, such as enemies floating above jeeps, and one seemed to be doing something out of the ministry of funny walks.

The framerate can also take a bit of a tumble when the action heats up, making it feel like you’re running in treacle. This was particularly maddening when having to survive an onslaught from all sides. The game also has a habit of pausing for a couple of seconds when you pass a save point.

Is this me being overly picky? Perhaps, but Crytek has obviously gone to great lengths to create a realistic environment, and these issues constantly drag you out of any immersion.


  • In places it looks amazing
  • Not a bad price for eight hours of game
  • The Nanosuit abilities are an interesting addition
  • Multiple ways to approach a task


  • The game never really gets interesting
  • Weak gunplay
  • Technical issues

So… Crysis on consoles; I can’t help but feel underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a competent enough game but one that suffers from a few technical issues, as well as never really managing to stir any emotions from the player.

It’s not bad for the money, but there’s much better out there.

Score: 7/10



  1. Nice review. I’ve played Crysis 2 and thought that it was uninteresting and really struggled to complete the single player due to this, I’ve traded it in now. I really liked the nanosuit though and would love to give the first ago just to become invisible again.

    • You can turn invisible in Deus Ex Human Revolution, which is an amazing game in myh opinion and much better than Crysis so try that for the invisibility

      • Well it sure is good to here from your mutated colon polyps

      • dont have any money for both of them anyway…:P

  2. I was going to purchase this, but now I’ll be putting the £15 to something newer.

  3. really enjoying this got it yesterday.

    • Same, I platinumed this two days after getting it.

      Terrible review, in my opinion. That this would get a lesser score than it’s lesser sequel is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I personally never had slightest issue with finding it ‘interesting’, I found both the story and characters to be more engaging than your average FPS and the non linear approach the game gives you vastly more – wait for it – interesting than the strictly linear COD-ish approach. Oh, and those setpieces, truly breathtaking indeed.

      Personally my only gripe was the seeming removal of the VTOL flying sequence, either that or it glitches over it, which is uncool I really loved that bit. That and the occasional tree shadow fail and AI glitch, though the AI glitches are more probably carried over from the original.

      If the sequel got an 8 then I would have to give this a 9. I have no idea how anyone could find the.sequel more appealing

  4. I bought it on impulse because I’m loaded [thank you student loan & £30 a week accommodation!] but now can’t play it again until Christmas as my PS3 is back at home :|
    Anyway, I’d have bought it for the sound of that sniper rifle alone, gosh. Always loved Crysis. Offers a challenge & the chance to try a different way of doing things every time you die :)

    • £30!? You lucky cuss..

      • wait till the damp and mold take over his student digs in the winter, then we can laugh at him.

  5. I think the game is visually incredible, even on PS3! I started it when it first came out, haven’t gone back to it yet

  6. Despite how great-looking Crysis 2 was, the gunplay and narrative failed to keep me hooked. Sounds like I this would simply be more of the same (well duh) so I probably won’t buy it, especially not at full price.

    • I find the gunplay satisfyingly meaty.. Sticking rifles into single shot mode and goin for headshots, and generally beint a bit ninja seems to be the best way to get past the militay opponents, the squid enemies though… Different story… Zero g is awesome

      • The mingun took care of the squids pretty well, that or wait for them to rush you and give them a shotgun round to the face, and that zero g was awesome ;)

  7. *eats Dan Alive* :op

    Excellent review Dan. I honestly thought that Crysis on consoles would live up to the PC version(as i believe the consoles would be able to handle it). It’s another shoddy port of a game then. :-/

    • Keep in mind that the release version of Crysis 1 had fk tonnes of patches before it lived upto expectations and maybe theyll do the same here.Mind you even after they got it running fluidly it still played like a Far Cry reskin but less fun imo.

  8. Amazing what the PS3 can do these days…

    • That made me laugh.

    • Ah, good, I guess :) Wasn’t meant to be funny

  9. Dan, you will eventually find out that the cons you mentioned are largely inherited from the PC version. It’s far from a shoddy port. At the very worst, it’s a faithful port and that’s probably its major weakness.

  10. Crytek seem to be a Game tech company that missed the part about selling the game tech they make.

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