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Mario Kart 7 Update Hits 3DS eShop, Removes Unfair Exploits


Nintendo has finally released the highly anticipated patch for Mario Kart 7. You’ll be happy to know that the Wuhu Mountain Loop shortcut that plagued online multiplayer is now a thing of the past. The update also fixes similar issues found in GBA Bowser Castle 1 and Wuhu Island Loop.

The Mario Kart 7 update data can be found in the 3DS eShop. As long as you have the latest firmware you shouldn’t have any issues. If you don’t download the patch you won’t be able to play online. If you need full instructions, you can head over to the official Nintendo website for more details.

Source: Press Release

  1. Sympo
    Since: Aug 2009

    Do they actually offer it on the store? Wished Sony did that.

    Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 13:31.
    • Forrest_01
      Since: Jun 2009

      Why? Surely its much less hassle just to download the patch next time you pop the disc in, isn’t it?

      (which isn’t even an issue istelf if you are a plusser)

      Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 13:36.
      • Delriach
        Since: Jul 2009

        I have no clue if all games on the 3DS will be patched in the same way or if this is just something special for Mario Kart 7. I guess we’ll know soon enough. I would assume games built around the idea of patches wouldn’t need an eShop file.


        Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 13:39.
    • david24
      Since: Feb 2011

      i’m guessing because some people don’t want to download the patch? although if you press O fast enough on the ps3 then it won’t download anyway.

      Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 13:41.
    • Sympo
      Since: Aug 2009

      Yeah but you could just leave it to download and play a game that doesn’t connect to the PSN like White Knight Chronciles or some random single player thing. Actually the store wouldn’t be good… maybe just to background downloading.

      Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 14:44.
  2. bigbaldwolf
    Since: Mar 2012

    I’m suprised they bothered doing this seeing as they had already said they weren’t going to patch anything. Good to see Ninty is looking after it’s fans though

    Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 14:57.
  3. Amphlett
    Since: Jul 2009

    Cool. I’ve just bought my son a 3DS with, predictably, Mario Kart 7 so he’ll be delighted to play online without cheaters.

    Comment posted on 15/05/2012 at 17:12.
  4. stueeeee
    Since: Jun 2009

    Yay. Fun for all! Shame about the time trials though…

    Comment posted on 16/05/2012 at 01:15.

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