Stranger’s Wrath PS Vita Gameplay Video

Sony might have forgotten about Vita during their press conference, but there’s twenty-five new games on show over in Los Angeles just now, and the Vita version of Stranger’s Wrath is one of them.

Looking good, there.


  1. The game is great on the PS3 so should be just as good on the Vita, hopefully with a few added features.

  2. With this coming out, I’m tempted to hold off the PS3 version despite the fact that it’s free.

    • I’m going to hold off for the Vita version.

  3. Meh, doesn’t really begin to excite me, I was really hoping for some more original titles.

    • Then play Gravity Rush, Mutant Blobs, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Trials of Montezuma, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Sine Mora, LBPVita, Countless PSP games. But yes I agree, I was shocked that Sony didn’t announce a SINGLE new first-party Vita game (and neglected all the already announced ones, but they do exist, which is the most important thing though.)

      • Thanks for the suggestions, but I’ve pretty much played all of those (that have been released), and the ‘countless PSP games’ don’t really cut it (although I have played countless PSP games over the years) as I’d like something that takes advantage of the shiny new kit I paid a fair amount for in Feb.

        GR and ASIII look great, but they’re too far and few between, I’m pretty sure I’ll finish GR within a week or two and it’ll be months before then before something new.

        My main point really was that I’m looking for something beyond ports and rehashes, I’d like to play something build from the ground up for the Vita.

  4. It’s a shame they can’t make a single version of the game which is comparable on PS3 &Vita.

    • werd.
      seems ideal for cross play
      (i am begining to sound like a scratched record)

  5. Downloading for PS3 as we speak….

  6. Great game, gonna buy it for Vita as well.

  7. I was late for work this morning because i stayed up playing this last night , the HD remake was well worth it!

  8. Does anyone know if I will need to buy the Vita version or will my PS3 purchase be enough?

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