Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet Vita, Get Two Free Costume Packs

LittleBigPlanet Vita is shaping up to be a terrific slice of handheld gaming, combining tight and intuitive platforming gameplay with a horde of easy-to-use creation tools. As Alex pointed out in yesterday’s opinion piece, the Sony franchise is now broader in scale, its diverse myriad of levels (both user and developer created) making it somewhat akin to a free App Store.

If you’re not already stoked for LBP’s Vita debut, Sony is dishing out incentives to those who pre-order. Available from selected retailers (which have yet to be announced) purchasing the game prior to release will reward eager fans with not one, but two costume packs.


We’re unsure as to why Big Daddy and Little Sister are making their LBP costume appearance now. It could just be a symbol of the strong relationship between Sony and the acclaimed franchise; Bioshock Infinite will support PlayStation Move after all, and Big Daddy will also be appearing in the hotly-anticipated All-Stars Battle Royale.

You never know, it could be gentle nod towards that Bioshock Vita game we’ve all been waiting on…

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. As long as the Bioshock ones come with a sensible retailer like Amazon, then I’m pre-ordering asap!

    • Same here, I’ve been saving a £30 Amazon voucher especially!!

  2. I was already definitely preordering – and now I get a free costume that lets me dress up as a dragon?


  3. Completely off-topic; but I think that Sackboy/girl is Sony’s perfect combatant against Xbox Avatars, if Home were to ever die…

  4. As if I wasn’t excited enough, they go and do this. The big daddy costume looks awesome

  5. Hope the PSN store will give me these.
    There’s only one way I want to carry around Little Big Planet, and that’s on the memory stick.

  6. Seems strange thy announce it, tell you to pre-order but don’t tell you where to pre-order to obtain the goodies?

    Never mind, this game is going to rock when it I ally get released!

  7. I… want… the… Vita… moar!

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