‘Games With Gold’ Continuing Past Xbox One Launch

Back at E3, Microsoft revealed the ‘Games with Gold’ campaign, granting Xbox Live Gold subscribers two free games a month to keep from then until what was then the Xbox One launch period in November. Well the company has now announced that it will be making the scheme an “ongoing benefit for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360”.

Writing on Xbox Wire, Microsoft says that more than 120 million hours of playtime have been logged on the Games with Gold titles since the program started (although how they know who was playing the Gold version versus the original release I have no idea), and that their surveys indicate a 97% approval rating for the scheme. It’s free games, what were they expecting exactly?


While there’s no word on a new end date to the offer (the company only says the extension is part of their “ongoing commitment to providing great value on Xbox 360), and it doesn’t seem like Xbox One buyers will be benefitting just yet, the move can only be a good one for the company in the face of the continuing popularity of PlayStation Plus.

Oh, and as an amusing side-note, for all the criticism Microsoft got for including 2006’s Rainbow Six Vegas as part of Games for Gold, Sony Japan have actually just added it to PlayStation Plus in the region. Funny how things work out.

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. Nice little bonus for those not wanting the new generation yet

  2. Going for going for GOLD

  3. You really have no idea how MS know which version of games people are playing on their xboxes? It’s not going to take a genius to knock up the code for that one.

  4. 120 million hours?

    there are something like 40 million gold subscribers aren’t there?

    so it could be, 3 hours each.

    not quite so impressive then is it? ^_^

    anyway, this is good, but they need to get some more up to date titles.
    5+year old games is not much of a selling point.

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