WikiLeaks Reveal The Bioshock Movie May Be Back On

A year ago Sony registered three domains,, and, which seemed to indicate they were interested in reviving the much troubled Bioshock film.

Documents posted by Wikileaks now confirm that was the case and the movie may be a “tentpole” release during the summer. However, as of July last year Sony had still not acquired the rights to the game but were “closing up” the deal.


As far was we know, Universal currently own the license but eventually dropped both the movie and director, Gore Verbinksi, as they could not agree on a budget and whether or not the movie should be R rated.

The Sony movie would be “starting over but based on the same story as Gore Verbinski’s draft” according to leaked emails. Another email revealed that Ryan Gosling was interested in the project and would be brought on board once the rights were sewn up.

In other game-to-move news, Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark, a.k.a. Maisie Williams, has briefly spoken about playing Ellie in The Last of Us movie.

“It was announced prematurely,” she told Digital Spy. “I would love to play Ellie, they would love me to play Ellie, but there is no film happening at this very second.”

Source: Wikileaks / Digital Spy


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  1. If anything is set up for a direct game to movie treatment, Bioshock surely has to be it – I mean you could practically take the story from the first game & throw it up on the screen & it could be great.

    Personally, I would like to see a few elements from Bioshock 2 make it in too, but this could be awesome regardless.

    What to do with that twist to make it feel fresh for people that have played the game though?

    However, it does need to be a 18/M certificate, as anything else is just going to be wrong. Rapture houses some pretty seedy goings on. Plus, I want to see big daddies tearing holes through splicers, not just hear about it.

    This is all presuming that they actually get the rights to the property of course. :/

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