Microsoft UK Now Receiving 2,500 Dead 360s Per Day

Apparently stories today are emerging that the time taken to repair your 360 (remember, it’s WHEN, not IF) is getting outrageous high – some users are claiming their dead 360s are being sent to Prague for repair because the UK repair centres can’t cope with the massive amounts of faulty machines coming in for refurbishment.

Claims of between 1,500 and 2,500 360s a day seem high to us, but people are having to wait over a month for a new system.


The UK company Micromart LTD has now said they’ve withdrawn from offering the repair service. Micromart generally deal with 360s that have suffered from the famous three red rings of death (RROD) which renders the machine useless. A post on the front page of their website claims the issue is ‘endemic’ and won’t touch 360s with this particular problem.