Price-Cut Rumours Ahoy

We all know that Sony has to do more than just offer good packs if they want to kickstart PS3 sales. So, how about this report/rumour on CVG?.

A stripped down, 40GB PS3 for under £300? Not too sure about the lack of backwards compatibility as that is a software feature now, so surely stripping it out saves them approximately no pounds and no pence. And no USB ports? Again, that seems unlikely given that the controllers currently use the USB ports for charging. And let’s not forget the USB keyboards we all use for abusing foreigners in our import versions of Everybody’s Golf.

All that said, a £299 price point for the PS3, along with the excellent software that’s now out will have a huge impact on sales. This couldn’t be a better timed rumour, what with Halo 3 on its way.

Sony back on track – Believe!