PSN Downloads Through To November

Some Dutch site has published an apparent list of PSN games for the remainder of the year. We’ve seen this list before, but seeing as someone else is willing to run the list, the least we could do is translate the crazy language.

25th October


4 PlayStation Eye titles – Aqua Vita (3€), Operation Creature Feature, Eye Create (free) and Trials of Topoq (no idea)
Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3
Folklore Pack 1 (2€)
Motorstorm Halloween Livery (free)
Pixel Junk Racers (8€)
Various Trailers

1st November

Videos from the Tokyo Motorshow and one for Uncharted
Ratchet and Clank demo
Feel Ski (8€)
2 More Eye titles: Mesmerise and Tori Emaki

8th November

Tekken 5 Online Patch
Blast Factor: Advanced Research (3€)
Folklore – Pack 2
Motostorm Devil Crossing Pack (1 new track, 4 tickets and 2 vehicles)
Snakeball (8€)
Ratchet Video

15th November

PS1 games: Colony Wars, Coolboarders, G-Police, Motor Toon GP, Syphon Filter 2
High Velocity Bowling
Motorstorm – more livery
F1 Championship Edition – PSP Wing Mirror upgrade
Toy Home

22nd November

Riffed (Everyday Shooter)

29th November

MotorStorm – even more livery