PSN Content: 01/11/07

At the moment, you can class this list as an educated guess, but hey – we’ve been right once or twice before. We’ve been wrong too – spectacularly – but those times don’t count. So, what treats does SCEE have lined up for us to download this evening? We reckon:

Tekken 5 Online Patch (no idea on price)
Blast Factor: Advanced Research (£2)
Folklore – Pack 2 (£1.49, probably)
Motostorm Devil Crossing Pack (1 new track, 4 tickets and 2 vehicles) (no idea on price)
Snakeball (£5)
Ratchet Video

Update: So, we actually got demos of Juiced 2 and PES 2008, plus the last two PlayStation Eye titles and Feel Ski, which is oddly priced at a fiver, despite being the equivalent of £1.50 on the US Store. Vote with your feet, people.

Update 2: US Store about to update (5 minutes) – with demos of Need For Speed ProStreet and Timeshift.