Sneaky Extra Stuff in FW 2.10

As well as providing DivX and WMV playback in the latest firmware as we revealed yesterday (which is now out, by the way) Sony have added a couple of really cool new features that aren’t documented in the changelist.

Firstly, they’ve added a new ‘planet’ music visualiser from our friends at Q Games (press ‘square’ when playing music) which has got to be the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. They’ve also fixed the video thumbnails in folders not playing, and finally BD/DVD Dynamic Range Control has been tweaked for those late night sessions. With the recent changes the PS3 is now the ultimate Blu-ray player, and the first 1.1 Profile movies come out on the 1st of January.

Also added is the ability to play PS1 downloads and games (on disk) on your PSP via Remote Play – this is an amazing update and it’s baffling why Sony don’t advertise these super cool updates.

earth 1 earth 1

Direct download here (120MB). Images from Dot50Cal over at NeoGAF, via the Q games site.