GTA IV – It’s out

Finally, the game everyone is waiting for has hit UK shelves. If you were smart enough to pre-order, chances are your postman will be dropping it off along with your mobile phone bill this morning. If you’re still undecided, our full review should see you right. Hopefully there’s no disappointments today, but we’ll bring early sales figures as soon as we’re able.

Seems like it’s now a level playing field too, as TSA’s valiant work over the weekend in multiplayer mode to get our rank up a little has been nulled, with an unceremonious dumping back to ‘zero’ when we hopped back on last night. Still, shout out to ‘chico_lol’ who took the brunt of most of our well placed M16 shots as we clawed our way back to rank ‘1’. Remember, if you can’t find us, chances are we’re sat right next to you in the car!

Finally, you might have heard some stories about the resolution of the PS3 version yesterday. Rest assured that the game running on the PlayStation 3 looks superb, with the better framerate, post processing, lighting, and less pop-in. If it’s good enough for IGN to score it a 10 for visuals, it’s good enough for you.

Enjoy the game, guys.