Racism In Resident Evil 5

PS3 Attitude have a frank discussion on whether or not Resident Evil 5 is racist. Well, specifically whether or not last year’s E3 trailer was racist.

‘So this trailer doesn’t need to fill us in with reams of back-story detail about ‘good vs. evil’ or ‘humans vs. zombies’. We don’t need to know that a virus is killing humans off only to bring them back as the undead, because we gamers already know this. And the location of the premiere of this trailer put the message out loud and clear to the correct target audience.

But in the 21st Century, such trailers don’t stay local for long. The Internet made the trailer, and the subsequent ‘extended version’ available to the masses.’ ~ PS3 Attitude.

If you didn’t see the trailer, here it is:

Naturally, there was uproar and fear and swearing and people blogging like crazy, including N’Gai Croal (a ‘journalist’) who PS3 Attitude claims has made racist views himself in relation to this particular trailer.

‘In terms of his specific points, it worries me that he believes certain characters in the game are portrayed as Neanderthals. They happen to be Haitians who have contracted a deadly virus and are, to all intents and purposes, ‘dead men/women/children walking’.’

Their race is not the reason they don’t look so good – the fact that they’re infected and zombified are the reasons they look a bit ‘peaky’. ~ PS3 Attitude.

Us? Well, we’ve just re-watched the trailer. As to whether as a site we think it’s racist or not I’m not prepared to discuss, but as an individual it certainly makes you feel uncomfortable…