Haze Dev Responds To IGN’s 4.5

PSU have contact Free Radical to find out what they think of IGN’s 4.5 review of their game, Haze, this morning.

My thoughts are “Owch”. No, wait – MEGAowch,‘ wrote Rob Yescombe of FRD. Haze has had mixed reviews, but even GoldenEye got a 4/10 when it first came out. With a 9/10 in the Italian PSM, and an extremely positive review in Famitsu, we’re looking forward to people playing Haze and making a judgement for themselves.


In similar (but not worthy of it’s own post) news, Quarter To Three really didn’t like the game: ‘Haze is utter and complete tripe. If I can prevent just one of you from throwing away money on this underdone turd of a shooter, I will be happy.

We’ll have more from the wonderful up and down world of Haze soon…