Street Fighter IV Console Exclusive Content

Well, if you’ve been following the Street Fighter IV news, you’ll know that there going to be some exclusive content for the console versions of the game (as opposed to the arcade version). What we already know is that there will be exclusive characters and online play. What else, you ask?

Well, first there will be bonus rounds – remember smashing up cars and destroying barrels in Street Fighter 2? Well, the bonus rounds will supposedly be similar to those. Next, there will be cut-scenes to help pull the story along. These will be fully animated, and will explain why M. Bison is still alive.

Finally, there will also be an arcade joystick for the arcade nuts among us, at least one of which we all know. The joystick may be in a bundle with the game, so there will hopefully be nobody using the PS3’s controller as an excuse for sucking.

More news as we get it.