Kojima-sama, I bow my head in worship

I am shell shocked. After three days of non stop Metal Gear Solid 4 gaming I have finally finished it. My recollection of the game is shrouded in a mist, like it was all a mirage, all just the sweetest dream ever dreamed. But no, it was not a dream; my subconscious could never create something so wonderful, so immaculate. If Metal Gear Solid 4 was a dream it would be what god would dream if ever he closed his weary eyes and rested his tired soul. Playing Metal Gear Solid 4 changes you, it is like the path to enlightenment, as you embark on it you see the world around you change, morph and twist. But it is not the world that is changing, only your perception of it, because as you close in on nirvana your mind changes, it evolves and with it so does your view on the surrounding universe. What used to be absolutes and firmness turns into illusions supported on foolish, closed minds.

I hate to say it, but there is something horribly, terribly wrong with Metal Gear Solid 4. So wrong in fact that within the first few seconds of playing it the realisation sent a shudder across my entire body and I broke out into a cold sweat. Kojima, that mad wonderful fool, he had done it. He had done the forbidden. He had finally crossed the border forever sealed, the same border he had previously gotten so close to, too close some said. But now, he has crossed it. He has crossed the line no game maker should ever be allowed to cross, nor could they cross it, or even approach it. As a result Metal Gear Solid 4 is an abomination, no, not an abomination, it is, its like the king son who crossed the line of plain consciousness and crossed over into a new dimension of sensation, understanding. Metal Gear Solid 4 is too good, it has crossed the line and it is just too good.

No game should ever have been allowed to be this good, Kojima the gaming prophet, he has crossed the gaming gods, he has defied their rule. Metal Gear Solid is an affront to the old gods of gaming, Kojima has robbed them of their rule, the old kings have fallen and only he now remains, the sole and absolute Supreme Being. He has created an experience so perfect, so immaculate that playing it changes you; it changes your mind, your perception, your sense. With this change of innerverse so comes about a change of the universe, a change for the worse, Metal Gear Solid 4 is so good that playing it changes everything surrounding it into shit. Good games raise the bar, but not Metal Gear Solid 4, it moves the bar beyond where the bar can even exist, Metal Gear Solid 4 crosses over into the forbidden, where not even the bar can follow it, the bar is destroyed, vanished into the void of nothingness, along with anything that it used to contain.

But there is a catch though; the dimension where Metal Gear Solid 4 resides is rendered invisible to ignorant eyes of the blind. The divine properties of that game-god, its soul, its essence is lost on the fanboy the same way the contents of a classic novel is lost to a chimp violently pulling off its pages one by one. Now, more than ever the game industry needs standards, standards that make sure only the truly privileged get to experience certain games. To allow the other side to buy and, shudder, play this god among games is an insult to the lord, Kojima-sama, the enlightened, the gaming prophet.

Kojima-sama, I am the first disciple, with Metal Gear Solid 4 you have robbed me of the pleasure of enjoying any other game ever again, but you are forgiven, because you have given me something much more precious in exchange, you have given me enlightenment, I bow my head to you in thanks my lord.