Byron Report Pisses UK Gamers Off

UK Gamers have always had to wait a long time for games compared to Japan and even the US, and we’ve never been happy about it. Now, thanks to the Byron report, we may have to wait even longer.

You see, this report recommends that the PEGI and BBFC both rate games, with the BBFC rating on the front of the box and the PEGI rating on the back. What does this mean? Well, it means an extra unnecessary administration layer has been created to get in the way of games being released in the UK.


Yes, unnecessary. Do we really need another rating when parents don’t bother paying attention to the one we have now? There are already ratings on games, but the parents buy GTA for their children anyway, then they complain about how violent it is. You wouldn’t take your 5 year old son to watch Saw would you? No? Then don’t buy him Manhunt either.