More Info On 2.40 Coming At 1PM

Want more information on Firmware 2.40? Well, expect an avalanche of information, including the World’s first official look at the PS3’s Trophy system, at 1PM GMT today (8AM EST / 5AM PST)1, which is also when we assume the PS Blog will upload their 2nd video. We’ll obviously have all the info as soon as we can.

In the meantime, a few nuggets slipping out include rumours that not all games will support the in-game XMB when Firmware 2.40 launches2 – if the game doesn’t support the new standard apparently the game will simply show you the default in-game screen (with controller options, etc) instead. Presumably games can be patched, but we’ll see.


Finally, if the second video hits at 4PM, does that mean the Firmware will go live3 this week…?

Sources: 1, 2, 3.

Update: apologies, we originally said 4PM, but meant 1PM. The times for EST/PST were correct, we just can’t add-up.