My First Trophy

Sony, what have you done? This is us now hammering through Super Stardust HD, again, because we now get Trophies! Fine, because the thrill of seeing that pop-up in the top right hand corner brings back memories of when we first started on the 360.

My First Trophy

But you had to go one better, didn’t you? You had to introduce the RPG element, the levelling system, the thing that’s going to make us stay up late, miss work, get into debt and lose our homes! It’s simple, but oh so clever, and we love you for it.

My First Trophy

Fantastic, utterly brilliant, and more than we ever wished for. Now we’ll be replaying all our old games, desperately aiming for that elusive Platinum every time. This will help shift PS3 versions of multi-format games, it will invigorate the market and it will create a competition amongst Friends bigger than any quick match of FIFA.

My First Trophy

We’re in love, after one date. Thank you, Sony.



  1. greetings from 2011

  2. I’ve got a few more trophies now. About 1500.

  3. Greetings from 2012 :p

  4. Dat subtitle…

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