Interview: Merlinpants

Merlinpants might look like a cat but when you’re Buzz!’s top quiz champion and could beat the Eggheads single handedly, maybe that’s part of the act. We caught up with the game’s highest scoring gamer this weekend in the first of our Community Interviews, where we catch up with the people playing the games, not making them.

So, Merlinpants, how does it feel to be a Buzz! superstar? You’re at the top of the leaderboard, and your downloadable quizzes are extremely popular.

I’m just glad people enjoy my quizzes, as I have written the quizzes selfishly on things that I am interested in. The only difficulty was putting some of them into a multiple choice format. Try playing the trick question quizzes without the answer in front of you! A thank you to all the people that have played them so far.

Which character do you play as in the game?


When the game was first released, I tended to favour Overlord. But now, especially when online, I like to vary who I play as. Most people that have played against me won’t know if I’m male, female [we’re not saying] a galactic dark lord or a superhero. I’m saving the Nerd for a special occasion!

What’s your favourite quiz topic in the game?

Movies, every day of the week. Tip: play against me and pick movies at your peril!

Speaking of topics, did you buy the PSN download packs, and what did you think of them?

So far only the Sci-Fi movies pack. I knew that I would concentrate my one player games on that topic, and to avoid repeat questions too soon in the life of the game, that pack made perfect sense. Plus the cover had Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on it: have my all time favourite film as the cover and it’s a no brainer. I will probably pick up some of the other packs further down the line.

Are you happy with the question total on the disk, and how do you feel about downloadable packs?

The 5000 questions are a lot, you could always do with more, but if you tend to play one category all the time, you will run out quickly. The trick with Buzz! is to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Play all of the categories, it makes the game more of a challenge. Once I start getting more repeated questions than not, I will make those other purchases.

So are you looking forward to the forthcoming patch, and in particular the Trophy support?

I am absolutely dying to try the Trophy system out. As the support was due on Buzz!, I have held off buying Super Stardust, but they better hurry, I’m itching to try it out. Also, the addition of co-op online and offline will be fun. I’ll just have to make sure I hit the button first!

What do you think of the wireless Buzzers? Michael prefers them, I’m sticking to the wired versions.

Superb. I have three young daughters (and two cats) that were wire magnets. A game of Buzz! on the PS2 always resulted in the PS2 bouncing off the floor with someone’s foot wrapped up in the buzz wires. I was worried that they may lag in response, but they don’t. They are as quick as the wired buzzers, which is an even bigger bonus.

What would you liked to have seen included in Buzz! that wasn’t?

My family and I miss the joke prizes that used to be presented to the winner. Always good to get a can of beans! Also, the game does seem to go by much quicker than the old PS2 games, so more rounds would have been good. I think though that it may be because the Rose character no longer explains how each round works that it just appears to be over sooner. She did add quite a bit of length to each round.

So what’s your favourite Buzz! feature?

Buzzer sounds. Nothing like a good belch between questions.

And finally, how long have you owned a PS3 for, and what are your favourite games?

Day one launch owner. Favourite games (so far): GTA IV, Uncharted: Drakes’ Fortune, Burnout Paradise and my family favourite Singstar

Thanks for your time, Merlinpants! You can find some of Merlinpants’ quizzes at MyBuzzQuiz.  Look out for more Community Interviews soon.