BioShock Trophies Are Go

Being smart, we’ve had BioShock in our ‘100%’ section of our Trophy list for ages, but last night the PlayStation Blog confirmed this for us, along with detailed descriptions of each class of Trophy that you’ll be able to obtain in the deep-sea first person horror game, due out for PS3 at the end of this year.

“Just like in the original BioShock, for the PS3 version our initial emphasis was on encouraging thoroughness and exploration of the BioShock universe,” said Alyssa Finley, Executive Producer at 2K Marin. “Each system in BioShock has a reward for the player that digs deep enough. Our hope is that players that may otherwise neglect a system will want to explore it just for the Trophy. Systems like Researching, Modifying Weapons, Hacking, and Crafting are all loaded with awards. A meticulous player will find themselves up to their armpits in prizes.”


“While every system has a tactical in-game advantage, we hope these Trophies will encourage players to try out every aspect of BioShock. Hacking, for example, is a system that some players may never focus on. However, for the player who gets out their wrench and starts tinkering, the tactical significance of having a turret and two security bots on your team is impressive. We hope that luring you in with the promise of glittering medals will make you consider revisiting such systems. We believe that once you get a nibble of the effectiveness of certain tactics, you’ll come back for a full meal.”

It sounds like there’s going to be a lot of exploring to be done to get the Silver Trophies, which will aid in eeking out every last drop of the game. “For the true explorer, we present one of the more difficult Trophies to get in all of Rapture. The “Historian” Trophy is awarded for finding every single audio diary. This particular Trophy is Silver because we understand the rigor required for this endeavor. If you’re a true adventurer and seek to know the full story of the fall of Rapture, look under every desk and open every door. There are many to find.”

There will be two Silver Trophies, with Finley opting to keep it a secret so the player has fun discovering it for themselves.  In terms of Gold Trophies, this is where the game really gets tough, with the first Gold dubbed “Brass Balls”. Finley says “If you desire to be among the few who have this prestigious award on their mantle, you must win BioShock on Hard difficulty with the Vita-Chambers turned off. A feat so daring that anyone even glimpsing this formidable Trophy in your glass case will be shaking with terror and respect.”

Naturally, you’ll only get the Platinum Trophy by collecting all the others, too.  Good luck!