‘Hardware 2’ Revealed

Well, if you’ve been wetting your pants waiting for PlayStationLifestyle to announce their super secret AAA game, wait no further, it’s Hardware 2. According to the site, “Hardware 2 is a joint effort being developed by Sony London Studios, Sony Liverpool, and Incognito. This is major news because of the highly talented developers behind this project.”

Decapitation of limbs, smashing people under buildings, or just be a happy guy that runs over people for a living is something that is normal in Hardware 2 (concept name). You can look at it as the next gen Carmageddon meets Twisted metal. Did I mention that you will fight 50 vs 50 yet? You can even go berserk and do a deathmatch against 99 other players. You got the basic stuff like deathmatch, team deatchmatch ,CTF and King of the hill but you got several original game modes, a total of 14 game modes are already created and being tested. You will also have the ability to play mini games online like do the most damage or kill the most pedestrians.

If you think this sounds like a European project, then you’d be right, although SCEE yesterday denied any knowledge of any such title. We’ve asked SCEE for clarification on this (as have, we assume, every other site with some integrity) and should hopefully hear back soon. Until then, er, well, think about something else we guess, because as earth shattering as the site likes to think this is, we don’t give a flying fuck about ‘Hardware 2’.