Life With PlayStation

During E3 we were promised that Life With Playstation, Sony’s all encompassing, all seeing Globe of Goodness will hit our PS3s before the end of the month.  Well, the month ends on Thursday, so will we be seeing another minor firmware update this week, or will Life just slip onto our Stores like a greasy bar of soap?


Either way, the service with the worst logo on the planet should be with us very soon.  Emulating the cute Wii News and Weather services, Life With PlayStation will offer real time, localised news (stabbings) and accurate weather (rain) should you wish to demoralise yourself further before you set off for work each day.

Just like Google Maps, though, Life will provide geo-tagged photos and other relevant content, so you’ll be able to see all those stabbings (in the rain) exactly as and when they occur.  Might make your trip to the office just that little safer, if nothing else, as you’ll know which streets to avoid.