Life With PlayStation Gets Update

First it cured cancer, then it let you read news at a tiny font size, and now it’s evolved – it’s the all conquering, World beating Life With PlayStation. Evolved is probably too strong a word, but Life With PlayStation now has a software update that adds a few new features, notably support for new channels, local time, new mood categories (for the music) and a toggle that lets you switch off all the crap and focus your PS3’s computational power on just [email protected]

There’s a new channel, too – United Village – which is “a project designed to provide an experience of sharing a sense of community and cultures from around the World. With each update, we will feature a visual series of movements and aspects of life from various locations.” Their words, not ours. We sometimes see people on our Friends list folding, which is great, but if you’re using Life With PlayStation to read the news from around the globe we’d like to suggest an alternative.


Tip: Jas-n