Life With PlayStation Updated

Life with PlayStation has today received an update to version 1.2. For those of us not in SCEA’s backyard there is little to excite as the update adds support to the application for video playback and photo slideshows.  Video playback will likely be the first change you encounter as the United Village channel now has videos available.

Game Trailers ChannelThings are a little more interesting for our US-based readers as a new channel is now selectable, the PlayStation Network Game Trailers Channel.  This channel lets you view trailers for games on the PlayStation Store and read additional information about them.  You will also be able to purchase the games directly from the Store without leaving Life with PlayStation.  The channel also has an auto playback mode which the stream the trailers one after the other.


Game Trailers Channel Screenshot

If you have not looked at Life with PlayStation for a while or maybe have never used it, here is a list of the channels available:

  • LIVE – provides dynamic content organized by city. The content provided includes news, live camera feeds, cloud data and weather.
  • [email protected] – provides the protein-folding simulation in real time.
  • United Village – United Village is a project designed to provide an experience of sharing a sense of community and culture from locations around the world.  The channel features a visual series of moments and aspects of life from various locations.
  • World Heritage by α CLOCK – A showcase for Sony’s α DSLR cameras featuring photographs from World Heritage locations.
  • PSN Game Trailers – (US only)  View video trailers for game content available on the PSN Store with links to purchase direct from Life with PlayStation.

Other features of Life with PlayStation are that you can play music from your PS3’s HDD and assist with medical research and TSA’s team ranking by running [email protected] in the background while viewing the channels.

Thanks Jas-n