LingerInShadows Is A Game

Last week we revealed that the LingerInShadows tech demo was in fact a playable game, and has been rated by the Australian Government as such.  Well, now the UK PlayStation site has its own LingerInShadows game page up there, with some details on how the game mechanics might work:

“A dreamlike, seemingly random sequence unfolds before your eyes; then it stops, spools back and starts again. Can you influence it? Can you alter or extend what you have already seen?


A collaboration of hypnotic art, subtle gameplay and invigorating music, there are no rules or traditions in Linger in Shadows. The laws of physics and time are irrelevant. This is not a game in the traditional sense, rather an abstract, interactive experience designed to challenge and captivate your inquisitive mind.”

  • Discover the five hidden sigils and unlock the path forward
  • Take control of time and realise the full potential of each scene as it unravels
  • Watch, enjoy, experiment and let the experience wash over you

So, it’s not really a game, but it’s definitely interactive.  Basically, it looks like it’s going to be some kind of real-time demo that you have limited control over, an interesting idea.  It also appears this will be coming out in August.

Via PlayStation LifeStyle.