Damnation Trailer

Being unable to sleep and not having nofi’s stories to listen to which usually send me right off to the Land of Nod, it seemed that a trailer for a game that’s “…taking the shooter vertical,” would be ideal.

Head over to the Damnation web site for a shufty at what I’m on about.  There’s loads of big words and that to describe how awesome the game is going to be.  Revolutionary gets bandied about, as do exhilirating and antithesis.

I was going to use said words in this here post to highlight how unlike said words most games are, but I’m not clever enough to do so, sorry.

Update (2 mins later): Look, it wasn’t the best news post ever, I get that.  I completely failed to mention much about the game.  For much read ‘anything’.  It’s from Codies.  It’s due out in Winter 2008 (which in England could be anytime from now really).  It’s an action game.  With a story.  And shooting.  Vertical shooting.

I dunno, watch the trailer.  Picture.  Words.  1000 of.