Everybody’s Golf – Hey!

Gotta no respect, hey!

Er, right.


A big thank you to everyone that played tonight: nineself, oMega-W, and rothbury.

We played two games; a speedy 18-hole around the Country Club and then a challenging 9-hole match around the Okinawa Resort Course.  It was great fun and the potential is definitely there for a TSA Tournament in the future.

There follows a pictorial presentation of our escapades.

 nineself hits a glorious tee shot.

nineself playing a blinding tee shot

And the tee shot gets closest to the pin.

nineself close to the pin

A great shot – so close!

LordMooch goes close

 Still, a nice par for me.

LordMooch gets a nice par.

rothbury shows us the way off the tee.

Rothbury strikes a blinding shot.

 Nice and close after 5.

5 played, 4 to go.

oMega-W’s class starts to show.

oMega-W goes close.

nineself refuses to give up and plays an excellent shot.

nineself creams the ball on the fairway!

And nineself birdie’s to stay in the hunt.

nineself makes birdie!

oMega-W gives us a glimmer of hope.

oMega-W finds sand!

But the final scorecard says it all.

Final scorecare - oMega-W champ!

Congratulations, oMega-W!

Winner - oMega-W!

Thanks again, guys!

Apologies to all those that missed out.  There’ll be another golf outing soon, so stay tuned!