More PSP Connectivity Please!

The PS3 and PSP have an interesting relationship. It’s one Sony is touting as an added incentive at moving hardware, but have they really done enough with it though? Remote play is a great feature that a handful of titles have taken good advantage of, but without universal wifi it’s not quite as “portable” as one would like. I can’t play Eden on my bus (I say ‘my’, I have been on some buses that do have wifi!)

One of my favourite features is the ability to buy a PS1 game off the store, play it on my PS3 then transfer the game and save and continue the fun on my PSP. OK, so moving your saves over could do with a good sync system, but it isn’t too much hassle to do.

Will we ever see this sort of connectivity become possible with more than just PS1 games? I still find it a little annoying to see a new game on the PSN store only to see the small print says it PSP only. I would love to see PSN games being multi-platform or even emulating PSP games on the PS3. Some of you are probably shouting Echochrome, but if I want to play the game on both systems I must purchase it twice!


The level of connectivity is improving, remote play is a fantastic feature and is now branching out beyond the XMB and a few titles (See PlayTV) but it could be so much more. Originally Sony showed how the PSP could act as a wing mirror in an F1 game, a feature that failed to materialise. I guess adding PSP connectivity is a nice thing to have rather than essential in developer’s minds, I hardly see PSP games fly off shelves just because of PS3 connectivity. However If I can’t have a portable version of the complete experience I would at least like to be able to take a smaller portion of it with me. The card game from a Final Fantasy, something that when I was back home would add to my PS3 save.

If you think Sony isn’t doing enough connectivity between PS3 and PSP they are certainly making no attempt to connect their phones. Maybe we will have to wait for the much rumoured PSP phone before it is a reality. I just want to be able to send messages and maybe access my XMB from my phone, queuing up downloads, over 3G, ready for when I get home.

Long term Sony has hinted that in the future Remote Play or something similar will be ubiquitous. Taking your game experience wherever you go, I think we are a way off that but it is something to look forward to.

I thought I’d try and come up with a couple of good uses for PSP to PS3 connectivity. Maybe you have got some better, here are mine:

  • Using the PSP for video chat via the PSeye while I game
  • A separate screen for LittleBigPlanets Pop it. Meaning in multiplayer you don’t have to take up vital screen space to edit, so that you can see more items close up
  • As a PSN updater allowing me to check my friend’s online status, trophies etc without even having to stop playing.

What do our readers think?