WWII Fighters

The sequel to the flight combat game, Heroes of the Pacific, is due for release by Atari and Red Mile Entertainment.  Heroes over Europe, a self-styled ‘ultra-realistic seat-of-the-pants tactical flight combat game’, is set to take to the air in 2009.

Set in some of the major World War II air battles fought over Europe, the HD visuals will bring a new level of realism to the genre.  The game tracks the Allied campaign, starting with the attacks on London, through to the destruction of Berlin.  The player has one goal: to fight in and survive the most ferocious dogfights of that era.


Atari’s Cyril Voiron is happy to talk up the visuals and online play: “The Heroes series has brought some of the world’s most exciting air battles in history to gamers all over the world, and Heroes over Europe builds on the series’ impressive legacy with highly detailed realistic visual presentation and an even deeper online experience.”

Red Mile’s Simon Price reckons that the experience from the first game will ensure the latest game is even better: “Transmission Games did an incredible job on the first game, Heroes of the Pacific, and this second game in the series is definitely benefiting from that experience.“

Transmission Games is responsible for the new game, and they’ve been busy building a new engine to power the game.  There will be some unique new game modes and a better online experience with up to 16 players.  Both London and Berlin have been recreated with beautiful visuals, and the iconic WWII-era planes will be ever more realistically portrayed.  Additional DLC will be available from launch, although no word on what this will be.  It’d be cool to pilot an F-15 though.

Anyway, as thas bloke from the boxing says, “Let’s get ready to scrammmmmmmmmbbbbbbblllllllle!”