Ubisoft To Publish Heroes Over Europe

Heroes Over Europe, a sequel to last gen’s Heroes Of The Pacific, is being developed by Melbourne, Australia based Transmission Games.  The game was originally due for release earlier this year and to be published by Atari.  Whether the game’s delayed release has been due to the search for a new publisher we do not know but Ubisoft are now handling publishing duties.

Heroes Over Europe


Heroes Over Europe is more arcade game than simulator freeing you, the pilot, from concerns about stalling and bringing its own version of bullet-time to the fight with its “Ace Kill” system for one-shot kills.  The controls are similarly simplified with just the twin sticks and triggers being required to take the fight to the enemy.

The arcade-like nature of the gameplay has not stopped the developers aiming for some realistic renditions of the aircraft, cockpits and WWII-era Europe though.  We are promised over forty of WWII’s most iconic aircraft all authentically rendered with the potential to suffer realistic localised damage should you find yourself the target of German flak guns or fighters.

You will be flying into combat over Britain, France and Germany as the game follows the Allies’ progress during the war.  Dogfights over and through Alpine valleys will contrast with the air-to-air action over detailed recreations of London and Berlin.

With four online multiplayer modes completing the experience, Heroes Over Europe is due for release this September.

I personally love a good (pre-guided missile) dogfight so I am hoping this will be better then Ubisoft’s other WWII dogfighter Blazing Angels.  Kudos to the first person to identify the Allied aircraft in the screenshots.

Source: Destructoid