Key PSN Titles For PS3

We’re just playing catch-up here, but we thought you might want reminding about the superb PSN titles available for your PS3 this year, all of which are playable at Leipzig right now.  Well, not right now as it’s late, but tomorrow, yeah.



A true escape from the modern world, Flower challenges traditional gaming conventions with a lush, vivid environment in which players control the wind, using petals to reshape and revive their game surroundings. Using simple SIXAXIS™ wireless controllers, play involves flight and exploration, as you guide a petal across the landscape. Collecting additional petals and feel the gameplay change from serene to chaotic as you collect more and more. With more than 200,000 individually animated blades of grass, Flower is a game only possible thanks to the power of PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™).

Fat Princess™

In modern life, obesity is a social concern but, in medieval times, it was a key battle tactic! The Fat Princess of the title is your own over-fed royal that you must rescue from your enemy’s dungeon – if you can carry the porky madam to safety, that is. Choose the role of a warrior, archer, mage, worker or priest; your most important weapon here is teamwork as you work alongside up to 15 other players online to defeat the enemy team across ten individual maps and over numerous gameplay modes. Bringing countless players together on PLAYSTATION Network, Fat Princess™ is a blast of hilarious, furious multiplayer fun.

Crash Commnado™

Old school gameplay meets next generation technology in Crash Commando™, mixing classic side-scrolling action with intense multiplayer fun in the ultimate slapstick shooter. Up to 12 players slug it out online or offline in frenzied death-matches, taking control of jetpacks, jeeps and tanks on two gameplay layers which can be moved between seamlessly via portals. Sign up with either the Jarheads or the Grunts in all-out warfare for world supremacy on a battlefield strewn with exaggerated gore and special effects. Track your victories with online leaderboards, rankings and trophy support.

Rachet & Clank™: Quest For Booty

Ratchet and Clank make their return in a bite-sized mini-adventure filled with their trademark crazy weaponry, side-splitting comedy and dazzling 3D animation in this treasure-hunting adventure. Help Ratchet sail solo into a world of galleons, parrots and cutlasses in his quest to uncover booty and his missing mate Clank. Journey through the dark caves of Hoolefar Island, navigate the treacherous Viper Caverns and take on foul-tempered buccaneer and new nemesis Captain Darkwater. Beware: danger lurks around every corner.

The Last Guy™

Set in the aftermath of a strange event that has caused many people to turn into fierce monsters, this fast-paced and fun game challenges players to save humanity by leading everybody else through the streets of world cities to safety. With a focus on gameplay rather than gore, The Last Guy is a game that’ll keep you coming back for more monster mayhem every time. Gather the survivors into lines and lead them through the streets of 14 world cities – all recreated with stunning aerial photography. Each city has an escape zone which you must lead your lines of people into while avoiding the enemy at all costs…

Savage Moon™

Classic tower strategy gameplay heads into outer space in Savage Moon™, as players attempt to protect an isolated planetary outpost from rampaging hordes of gigantic, ravenous space bugs. Position your towers in the best position possible to beat the bugs and convert your victory points into weapons that suit your preferred tactics. Classic strategy gaming meets interstellar gameplay with endless strategic possibilities – can you beat the bugs and save the moon?

PixelJunk Eden™

Prepare to be stunned by PixelJunk Eden™, the game that challenges you to help alien plants flower and bloom in a psychedelic, hypnotic Garden of Eden. Smash into enemies to release batches of pollen, making your flowers grow. Swing higher and higher through your growing paradise, climbing up iridescent stems, swinging from twirling branches, swaying on psychedelic flowers and searching the undergrowth for hidden treasures – with mesmerising graphics and electronic soundtrack created by Japanese artist Baiyon.

Rag Doll Kung Fu™

Rag Doll Kung Fu is a party fighting game based on the ancient principles of kung fu and rag-doll physics. Fast-paced combat, exaggerated action and unique visuals come together in a game that is easy for beginners but has enough depth in its combat system to keep hardcore fighters coming back for more. Using simple SIXAXIS motions to pull off special moves and combat sequences, players compete in matches with up to four other players either online or offline. The perfect party game for experts and beginners alike.

Warhawk™: Operation: Fallen Star expansion pack

The third expansion pack for mighty online warfare title Warhawk, Operation: Fallen Star introduces the remote, forested Tau Crater – the site of a crashed Chernovan warship containing invaluable experimental technology. With the Chernovans trying desperately to salvage the ship, the Eucadians have arrived with a view to stealing it for themselves. This pack brings ten new battlefields to the Warhawk experience – as well as the Infantry Jetpack – a personal rocket pack that allows soldiers to soar above the fray of battle into the aerial realm of the Warhawks themselves.


The arrival of WipEout® HD on PLAYSTATION®3 marks the dawning of a new era for the iconic racer, so strap yourself in for anti-gravity combat racing in full 1080p High Definition. Choose a futuristic craft then speed into the thick of the action in adrenaline-fuelled races across eight reversible tracks full of smooth loops, sharp bends and sheer drops. Master the ultra-realistic motion sensitive controls; unleash high-tech weapons to blast your opponents off the track. Take part in global online racing for up to eight players, compete for trophies and test your skills against the best pilots on the planet.