The Agency – Spy MMO

MMOs are flavour-of-the-moment, and these once PC-only titles are starting to crop up more often on consoles.  One of the more interesting takes on the MMO is Sony Online Entertainement’s (SOE) upcoming game, The Agency.

Essentially an online action game – with a heavy dose of ‘shooter’ thrown into the mix – it’s the persistent world not normally seen in this style of game that interests us.  Taking the part of an agent in a modern setting, the world will be populated with super spies and mercenaries, using top tech and dastardly tactics to succeed.  Hopefully a nice mix of Spooks and Alias then.

In keeping with the theme, SOE are being fairly secretive about what you’ll actually be doing.  TSA broke into their top-secret research facility in ******** to find out more.

• Live the *** of an ***** Agent: The ****** offers **** unique ******** with ****** end-goals requiring combat, *******, and *****. With gameplay ranging from sneaky ************** to all out ********, from ******* challenges to ******* loaded with ****-*****, there’s something for every aspiring *****.

• Build **** Own ******: As ******* advance through the ***** of ***** *******, they’ll also begin ******** their own ********. ******* will increase their ***** even ******* by creating ***** ******* with ******.

• ********* or ***, the ****** is *****: Collect the ***** weaponry, *******, vehicles, ****, attire and ****** to **** access to numerous ******* and ********* over *** people ****** them.

• Put ********** to ****: Operatives are collectible ***-****** characters who provide the ***** players ****** and the ******** to keep them *****. Operatives *** players *********** on the ******* at hand and ******** their *** effectiveness. Operatives work **/*, and they can keep their ****** up-to-date **** while *******, through ***** and **** messages.

If anybody can break the code, we’d really appreciate it.

After evading the security cameras and breaking into the CEO’s office, we found this memo, which seems to be a summing up of the game.

Fun Now, No Waiting: At any point, PS3 or PC players can jump right into the action they want. Veterans and new players alike can take on other players in head-to-head combat, the shooting range, or the card tables. And of course, there is a rich story packed with exciting missions, too. Shooter fans and online gamers alike will get to jump into this online persistent world on their platform of choice and frag, or build characters to their heart’s content.

There were a whole load of other things we discovered on our mission, but we can’t mention them here for fear of reprisals.  Anyway, we’re excited about The Agency and the idea of an MMO being set in the world of the Super Spy.  No release date yet, but hopefully it’ll be sneaking up on you soon.