The Agency Launching In Second-Half Of 2011 – Smedley

In a recent article from Kotaku regarding the future of online gaming (specifically for PC), Sony Online Entertainment president, John Smedley, spoke of the company’s upcoming spy vs. spy MMO, The Agency. Along with DC Universe Online, which is currently being beta tested on both the PC and PS3, Smedley admitted that heavy delays were needed in order to ensure both games will perform well next year. The Agency now has a slightly less nebulous release date of the second half of next year.


Since its announcement in 2007, there has been little information on The Agency, but that didn’t stop it from sneaking onto our Top 100 of 2011 list.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Spy VS Spy! Seriously though, based on the pic, will anyone choose to be male? Hopefully this won’t have montly payments, atleast for plus users.

    • If Playstation Plus included a subscription to The Agency, it might be the thing that tips me over into buying it. Assuming the game turns out as good as it looks it could be.

      • If the Playstation Plus doesn’t replace the MMO subscrition then simply I cannot go for something like that.

  2. did anyone get into the dc universe beta? i signed up but havent heared anything since

  3. Totally forgot about this, but I remember being quite interested when it was first announced. I just hope Sony don’t c**k it up with the monthly payments.

    • So, you admit you’re not following the TSA Top 100, then.
      Shame. I hear it’s a good read.

  4. about time

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