PSN Content: 11/09/08

This week you can look forward to the full game (and demo) of 1942 Joint Strike, finally hitting European PSN Stores on Thursday.  Alongside that, look out for a demo of Elefunk and a fully playable treat in form of EA’s FIFA 09.


And in terms of add-ons, it’s Pain time, with the Amusement Park weighing in at 5 Euros, alongside the three new characters we’ve mentioned before.  Look out for the onslaught of Rockband downloads, too, although we don’t know which bands yet, sorry.

Video wise we’ve got FIFA 09, Tomb Raider Underworld and a couple of vids from EA in the shape of Mirror’s Edge and Pure, plus a huge rack of The Last Guy wallpapers.Finally, we’ve been told to expect something Play TV related, although we’re going to need to get confirmation first as it might be limited to a few territories.

And if you’re thinking about WipEout HD, a little birdie tweeted in our ear that it’s only a couple of weeks away.  We’re hoping for something official soon, though.

Via the EU forums.