TSA Open 2008

TSA Open 2008

Last update: 30th September 2008


Welcome to the TSA Open 2008.  Here you’ll find everything you need to know regarding tee-off times, current leaderboard, and so on.  If there are any issues please email Michael [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com, with TSA Open in the subject line.

If you’ve entered you may find it helpful to add me – LordMooch – as a PSN Friend.  If you do send a friend invite, make sure you mark it with TSA Open so I know you aren’t a random just trying to be pally because of our OPM glory.  Ahem.

Final Leaderboard – after Round 4

The format is: Name, Round 1..Round 4 score, Total score.

NP = Not Played that round yet

  1. Skade: -17, -12, -13, -16: -58
  2. bbmaj: -13, -15, -14, -14: -56
  3. Lee3po: -15, -14, -15, -11: -55
  4. tatermus prime: -7, -12, -9, -10: -38
  5. Sitron_NO: -4, -11, -8, -6: -29
  6. KittDJW: -6, -7, -5, -7: -25
  7. nineself: -5, -5, -4, -3: -17
  8. gazo69: -3, -4, -8, NP: -15
  9. Diver68: -4, -3, -2, NP: -9
  10. oMega-W: -12, NP: -12 Withdrawn
  11. nofi: -7, NP: -7 Withdrawn

Final Update

What an unbelievable last round, with some frankly amazing golf under such pressure.  Skade made a great eagle and eventually got his nose in front, at which point he played with the consistency of the Faldo of old.  It was great to be a part of it and I’m sure I was as nervous as they were!

Thanks to everyone that took part over the last few weeks.  It’s been good fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Congratulations, Skade – you’re a worthy winner: The Prize will be with you shortly!

Update 30/09/2008

Just 15 minutes before the final rounds get underway.  Unfortunately, gazo69 can’t make it tonight so he’s being moved to Thursday, but the rest of you can fight it out for the main prize tonight.  A big thanks to everyone for playing; I really hope you’ve enjoyed the games and the little competitive edge we’ve brought to it.  Once the tournament is over I’d really appreciate everyone’s feedback about the event, and I’m particularly interested in any bad points so that these can perhaps be addressed in the future.

Good Luck!

Update 28/09/2008

The current leadboard shows the big three out in front now, ready for that final round.  Still, one bad round and it could all change, so everyone had best be ready for this week’s final round.  You’ll find the playing order further down as usual: Please get in touch via email ASAP if this is a problem.  I want to play the final round’s on one night if possible, to make it more like a real tournament.  So, good luck everyone – there’s a great prize: Amazon.Co.Uk vouchers will be winging their way to the winner.

Update 23/09/2008

It’s the all important third round this week, so remember to get your putting shoes on so you can climb that leaderboard.  Unfortunately, oMega-W has had to withdraw, but you’ve now all got one less competitor to worry about, so that’s good.  Good luck!

Update 18/09/2008

After some brilliant play in Round 2 three people are pulling away, while below them the other places are still up for grabs.  One more Round to go and then the very exciting prize will be announced.  Oh yes!

Update 17/09/2008

3 people couldn’t play this week, so rather than wait until all their make up rounds are played I’ve decided to update the current leaderboard this week, later today in fact.  I hope nobody minds, but I think it’s the best thing to do as I’m sure everyone wants to see where they are.

oMega-W, Diver68, nofi: Get in touch (email or comment) to firm up the make up round.  It would be ideal if we could play them at the same time, but that’s not mandatory.

Update 16/09/2008

This Tuesday’s games – 16th September – are being moved forward to 18:30 and 19:00.  This is because I forgot that LFC are playing in the Champions League that night!  My bad.  Apologies to anyone who this inconveniences.  If you can’t make the new time, please let me know and I’ll schedule you in for later in the week.

The games on the 23rd September are moving forward to 19:00 and 19:30.  Again, any problems with this please let me know ASAP and I’ll arrange another time for you to play.


Tee-off Times

The following tee-off times show the date and time of each round.  I have tried to get as close as possible to everyone’s preferences.  The final round’s tee-off times will be decided on after the results of all 3 rounds are in.  That way I can sort out the matches as per golf Majors, i.e. the leading players will be playing together.

I will enter the clubhouse, the first lobby, and the last room on that lobby.  That is usually very quiet.  From there, I will create the necessary game room.  Use the Friend finder to find me and the game room if need be. 

As usual, any problems with this then email me ASAP and I’ll try to sort it out. 

Round 1 – Highland Country Club, Normal, 18 holes

Tuesday 9th September, 19:30

  1. Diver68
  2. KittDJW
  3. Lee3po
  4. nineself

Tuesday 9th September, 20:00

  1. nofi
  2. oMega-W
  3. Skade
  4. tatermus prime

Sunday 14th September, 10:00

  1. bbmaj
  2. gazo69
  3. Sitron_NO 

Round 2 – Highland Country Club, Long Tee, 18 holes

Tuesday 16th September, 18:30

  1. bbmaj
  2. Diver68 – not playing – make up round next week
  3. gazo69
  4. KittDJW
  5. Lee3po – connection problem, switched to 19:00
  6. nineself

 Tuesday 16th September, 19:00

  1. nofi – not playing – make up round next week
  2. oMega-W – not playing – make up round next week
  3. Sitron_NO
  4. Skade
  5. tatermus prime
  6. Lee3po

Round 3 – Highland Country Club, Normal, 18 holes

Tuesday 23rd September, 18:30 – Make up round, Long Tee

  1. Diver68

Tuesday 23rd September, 19:00

  1. bbmaj
  2. nineself
  3. nofi
  4. Skade

Tuesday 23rd September, 19:30

  1. Diver68
  2. KittDJW
  3. Lee3po
  4. tatermus prime

Sunday 28th September, 10:00

  1. gazo69 
  2. Sitron_NO


Round 4 – Highland Country Club, Long Tee, 18 holes

Tuesday 30th September, 19:30

  1. tatermus prime
  2. Sitron_NO
  3. KittDJW
  4. nineself
  5. Diver68

Tuesday 30th September, 20:00 

  1. Lee3po
  2. Skade
  3. bbmaj

Thursday 2nd October, 19:00

  1. gazo69


Entry List

The following list is in the format: <Site Name> – <PSN ID>

If I’ve got anybody’s details wrong, please contact me and I will correct them.

  1. gazo69 – gazo69
  2. oMega-W – oMega-W
  3. bbmaj – BBMaj
  4. tatermus prime – stevotatersdeep
  5. Sitron_NO – Sitron_NO
  6. Diver68 – Diver68
  7. nineself – nineself
  8. Skade – Skade
  9. nofi – nofi
  10. Lee3po – Lee3po
  11. KittDJW – KittDJW

Tournament Rules

These are the rules.  They are subject to change at TSA’s discretion.  I do appreciate your feedback on these rules particularly the ‘catch-up’ rounds and drop-outs issues.

Everybody’s Golf Rules

  • All rounds will take place using the ‘Real Format’ type of Game Room
  • Each round will be played on the Highland Country Club
    • There will be one round per week for 4 weeks
    • There will be a choice of two tee-off times each week
      • Where all players want to play at one time, there will be two rounds scheduled consecutively
    • Special ‘catch up’ rounds will be allowed from the 2nd week onwards
      • These are to allow a player to ‘catch up’ from having missed a previous round
      • At least one other competitor (score won’t count) apart from the ‘catch up’ player must participate in the round to ensure fairness
    • Rounds will alternate between the Normal tee and the Long (Mirror) tee
  • The player with the lowest score after 4 rounds will be declared the winner
  • A tie will be decided by a sudden-death play-off on Highland Country Club, Normal tee
  • Novice characters only
  • Advanced or Traditional swings are both allowed
  • Players who drop out of a round will be banned from taking further part in the competition
    • It’s understood that network dropouts may occur and this will be taken into consideration
    • We’ll assume repeat offenders just have a dodgy net connection and will ban them for everyone else’s enjoyment

TSA Rules

  • Be nice
  • Be respectful
  • TSA reserves the right to ban anyone who is deemed to be abusive towards other players

Tee-off Times

All times are UK time.  Catch-up rounds will be announced after consulting with any players who need a catch-up round.  The final round takes place on one day only, a bit like the final games of the Premier League season.

Can all players please email Michael [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com specifying their preferred tee-off time for weeks 1-3.  Anyone who requires a catch-up round should email as soon as they know they need one.  A full list of who is playing when will be published here once all the emails are in.  Please email by the end of 05/09/2008 so I have time to collate everything and post it up here.

And problems, contact me as mentioned.

Round 1: Tuesday, 9th September 2008, 19:30

Round 1: Sunday, 14th September 2008, 10:00

Round 2: Tuesday, 16th September 2008, 19:30

Round 2: Sunday, 21st September 2008, 10:00

Round 3: Tuesday, 23rd September 2008, 19:30

Round 3: Sunday, 28th September 2008, 10:00

Round 4: Tuesday, 30th September 2008, 19:30

Round 4: Tuesday, 30th September 2008, 20:00