No Bombing

Forget Killzone 2, forget LittleBigPlanet, the big title this year for PS3 is Bomberman. Or at least Hudson seem to think so. If you can’t get enough of tiny little men dropping massive bombs out of what must be their arses like some bizarre cartoon chicken, you’ll no doubt be shitting bricks at the thought of 8 player online Bomberman this Winter.


Bomberman Ultra, such as it is, will retain ‘classic gameplay elements’ and will feature ‘gorgeous high-definition graphics’. Basically, it’s a port of Bomberman Live on the 360, but presumably ‘Live’ is a swear word on the PSN, so they called it Ultra.

Online play is nice, but we want 7 player local play. In fact, scrap that, one of us can use the Blu-ray remote, so make it 8 players. Unless of course the Blu-ray remote takes up one of the player slots. We’ve never tried it. Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t. We feel the need for some essential investigative journalism.

Anyway, with 14 arenas (look, one of them vaguely resembles a casino), 50 (count ’em) character costumes (one of which should really be a chicken) and ‘frantic, explosive action’ we reckon this is a 10/10 right out of the bag. Good job, Hudson, saving the PSN one port at a time.