Capcom Date Games

Note to publishers: if you don’t know when your game is coming out, make something up.  ‘TBA’ helps nobody.  Nobody.

The man in the retail shop?  Doesn’t help him.  The man who works for GamesPress?  Doesn’t help him.  The guy at Amazon that adds release dates to stuff?  Doesn’t help him.  The general public who want to pre-order something?  Doesn’t help anybody.


So, Dark Void, Street Fighter IV, Age of Booty: TBA.  All of them, in some kind of will-they-won’t-they limbo.  But Resident Evil 5, so far away we’ll probably get a sequel first, is out on the 13th of March, 2009.  Not March.  not 2009.  Not TBA.  But that precise date.

Man in the retail shop?  Gamespress guy?  Amazon dude?  Pre-order Joe?  You know what to do.